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Control music and workout parameters with your wrist without looking at devices.
Add more fun and control to your workout with instant light spatial gestures.

No need to reach your phone or watch and navigate menus just to listen to the next track on your Apple Music. Don't distract and lose your breath. Just move your wrist in the air according to any of seven subtle gestures on iPhone or 7 gestures on Apple Watch to control your workout:
- play/pause music
- skip music track forward on backward
- hear your workout progress like heart rate, distance run or calories burned
- hear current time or music track
- play funny sound

All gestures are carefully designed to be subtle and barely noticeable, but instant and extremely reliable.

You can assign what each gesture does on each device and even fine-tune recognition by specifying number of cycles for each gesture.

Your workout data is transferred to Health app on your iPhone, so you can check it anytime easily.
Alexei Zaitsev