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Sportlytics helps to support athletes training, health and nutrition plans.
The Sportlytics app is a part of the overall system of tracking and activity management and training of professional athletes.

For a coach there is a mode of creating groups of sportsmen, editing different types of training, grading.

For the doctor there is a mode of creating questionnaires, tasks on measurements and meetings for observing the athlete's health state.

There is a mode of a nutrition plan creation for a nutritionist with the consideration of the individual characteristics of each athlete and control of its implementation.

For a sportsman there is a mode of performance of highly-interval (Hiit), sprinting, game trainings, trainings in a gym, performance of measurements, maintenance of a nutrition plan.

Sportlytics works perfectly with the Health application, providing self-monitoring data from mobile medical devices such as oxygen meter, body analysis scale and blood pressure monitors and sending the results to the doctor.

Reach your nutrition goals by personalizing nutrition plans, setting and receiving notifications, and completing daily activities in the CareKit-enabled Nutrition tab.

A description of the process of adding an eaten dish:
⁃ Scan QR code or product barcode, get product information.
⁃ Confirm the amount of food you have eaten.

The app contains information about the nutritional value of the food you eat. You can also easily track your food and the amount of calories and organic substances consumed and remaining.

Sportlytics features:
⁃ Plan for different types of training.
⁃ Health plan with measurements from Healthkit, electrocardiogram or real-time devices: Biovotion Everion, MIR Spirobank Smart, Minew, Apple Watch.
⁃ Health Surveys
⁃ Food diaries to monitor what you eat.
⁃ Graphs of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates consumed with each meal compared to weekly rates.
⁃ Profile with a daily plan for calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates
⁃ QR code scanner and barcode scanner.
⁃ Meal reminders.
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