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SportBuddy is a Speech Recognition Stopwatch for the Apple Watch!

FREE for new Apple Watch Owners until the end of April!

(This App requires an Apple Watch in order to operate - do not buy this App if you do not own an Apple Watch)

Not all of us can afford a personal trainer to accompany us in our training. Reaching out to our phone stopwatch might be distracting and ruin our form. SportBuddy solves it by allowing you to control the stopwatch by using simple voice commands.

Start timing your session by saying 'Start', say 'Lap' at the end of every lap. SportBuddy will respond with a sound confirmation to acknowledge the command. When you are done just say 'Stop' and SportBuddy will stop the stopwatch.

SportBuddy also includes live tracking of your time. While you practice you will be able to see in a place how well you are doing compared to your average lap time. You lap history will change dynamically with every lap to rank your previous laps.

Voice commands
- Start - start the stopwatch (works only when the stopwatch is stopped)
- Stop - stops the stopwatch session (works only when the stopwatch is running)
- Lap - record a lap time and continue to run the stopwatch (works only when the stopwatch is running)
- Reset - reset the stopwatch (works only when the stopwatch is stopped)
- Off - turn off speech recognition

Q: Can I use the stopwatch without an Apple Watch?
A: No. The App is currently designed exclusively for the Apple Watch.

Q: Does my iPhone needs to be in the proximity of the Apple Watch in order for SportBuddy to work?
A: Yes, like other Apple Watch application, your iPhone needs to be in the proximity of the Apple Watch in order for it to work.

Q: Why don't I see the hundreds of a second on the running stopwatch?
A: The hundreds of seconds are recorded and will be visible on your lap time and when you stop the stopwatch. The reason it is not shown on the stopwatch while running is to reduce communication between your iPhone and Apple Watch and save your Apple Watch battery.

Q: Can I add voice commands?
A: We will be happy to receive your recommendation and add new features. Please free to contact us and suggest enhancement requests.

Q: Does SportBuddy understand any other languages?
A: No, at this point SportBuddy understands only English.
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