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SPOBI Sports Being Intelligent

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SPOBI Sports Being Intelligent

SPOBI is a sports data management app that goes beyond simple training or coaching tools to become a total solution to all training, organizing and motivational needs of grassroots sports participants.
We are creating the perfect interface for athletes & their supporters; coaches; teams & clubs to monitor progress, arrange events, challenge each other, push limits and gain rewards for their hard work & success.
SPOBI is an epicenter which aims to professionalize grassroots sports at no cost to those who take part, and to deliver the means and incentives for everyone involved to raise the bar.
We want to drive all grassroots athletes and teams to achieve their full potential by providing them with top-flight professional tools and rewarding their hard work and progress.
SPOBI can work for all kinds of participants in sports & all kind of sports. And presents many opportunities for partnerships, promotions, intelligence sharing.
The SPOBI app is designed to be instinctive, attractive and easy to use, creating the perfect go-to platform for organizing and analyzing all your sporting activity.
It will take just minutes to create a profile, link SPOBI to personal devices and connect with team-mates, clubs, coaches, friends & family.
The app will be the complete hub for performance data, and the driver for improvement.
SPOBI is compatible with most popular wearable devices, fitness bands and smart watches, and we’re working to add even more brands so everyone can join in.
SPOBI app builds a bridge of trust between Users & companies, researchers, etc. These partners will be able utilizing these data, and propose packages where their services are offered together with a build-in reward program, steaming up motivation.
SPOBI is the most powerful sports management app on the market today. And it’s free.
SPOBI integrates with the Apple HealthKit App to receive activity data like heartrate, calories, and distance to show it in the corresponding activities tracked in SPOBI.

We believe that:
- Every sport is driven by competition.
- Competition drives improvement.
- With improvement there is satisfaction and reward.

SPOBI brings dynamism to relationships between everyone involved in the sporting sector through its unique challenge and reward system. The only system providing financial benefits to youth participants and standing next to them till they become Elite athletes. No other sports data management app offers SPOBI’s combination of leading performance and data tools and the opportunities for support, encouragement & exchange via the Spobicoin (SPOCs) credit concept.
Spobi GmbH