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Spin Tunes

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Spin Tunes

Train to the beat of your own music!

Designed for cyclists who are trying to achieve cadence goals, this app allows you to select the desired cadence and plays corresponding music from your own music library based on the beats-per-minute, "BPM" meta tag.

For the SpinTunes to use a track, it must have a BPM set in Apple Music or iTunes. There are many apps that can measure the BPM of tracks in various different ways.

The app is not currently capable of determining the BPM of your music tracks - this may be added at a later date.

When you select a BPM, the app will display tracks that match.

Individual tracks or entire albums can be filtered using the menu button, or swiping right/left. Individual tracks can be played, but by default they play in shuffle mode.

Now with Apple Watch support!
Use the crown to adjust the BPM.

Initially the app is restricted and will only show 5 tracks for a given BPM.

See the "Unlock" in-app purchase option to remove this restriction.

A further in-app purchase is available to remove the banner adverts.
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