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by Muze
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by Muze
Spendio is a simple way to track and manage your money. This is the first app that let you track your money on both iPhone and Apple Watch. Never miss any expense or income by input the data right from your wrist. The data will be synced back and forth to your iPhone, no need to bring it out from your pocket!

Create Goal and top-up money to your goal every day, week or month to make your dream come true.

Add input by voice via Apple Watch! Spendio will understands what you say. Just tell what's your spending and amount, for example, "Pay 399 dollars for Apple Watch", "Receive salary for 10,000" or "14 dollars for lunch". Spendio will add those transactions for you. No need to type!

Create Wallet to separate your transactions. For example, when you travel aboard, you can create wallet named "Travel Aboard". Income or expense that add to this wallet won't interfere other wallets.


• Work perfectly on both iPhone & Apple Watch.
• Create your Goal.
• Add input using your voice.
• Create Wallets to separate transactions.
• Transfer money between wallets
• Take a photo of your receipt. Never lost it!
• Elegance Chart & Report.
• Compare income or expense
• Add custom category with tons of icon.
• Set repeat of transaction, like salary or pay debt, for instance.
• 17 different currency symbol.
• Navigate to next or previous month very easy just swipe
• Backup & Restore Data via iCloud
• Passcode
• Auto update currecy transfer rate