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Spelling Queen Pangrams

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Spelling Queen Pangrams

App version of the popular game, with many added features like the option to play together with friends & family on your Wi-Fi!
Each 7-letter game is generated on the fly by algorithm. There are over 4000 unique 7 letter games to play!

Work your way up from Novice, to Brilliant, to Mastermind, and on to win! There are only two rules to finding words and winning the game: words must be at least 4 letters long, and words must always use the center letter.

Some games have only 10 words to find, to win the spelling game... other ones have over 50 words! Use Help to get a word count that will tell you how big the challenge is, see how many you've found, and get hints. There's now also a Game of the Day which is the same for everyone, everywhere.

Each game has at least one pangram - a word that uses all 7 of the game's individual letters. Some games have more than one!

The game's word list is a partial English dictionary of the most frequently used words that have 7 or fewer unique letters. In your game, you can customize your own personal word list! Here's how it works: if you enter a word that *is* in the English dictionary but *is not* in the game's list, you can add that new word to your own list. That new word will be included in future games, no matter which of your iCloud devices you are playing on!
Frederic Bacro