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Spellcaster is an all-in-one resource for witches and magic users. Consult the tarot cards, view your daily horoscope, and work with the written spells in the spell book! Plus much much more!

*No personal or login information required!

We created this app with love, and have included a 3 fold shuffle and divination spell in the code itself. Each server response comes back blessed.

Features include:

- 3 rune spread readings
- Rune of the day readings
- Rock guide with witchy info on crystals, gems, and more
- Past, present, future tarot readings
- Card of the day tarot reading
- Daily horoscope
- Spell book with spells from our Book of Shadows
- We have included a divination spell and a 3-fold shuffle in the code
- Now available for the Apple Watch
- Fortune and bad luck notifications
- Spellcaster shop with voodoo dolls, candles and more!

Made by real witches in Seattle, WA.

Blessed Be!
Zardoz Creative Studio