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Warm up on multiple choice and then gear up for the real thing with text entry mode. Listen for the word and type in your answer. Get additional info such as the definition, part of speech, or language of origin.

Once you have completed the quiz, look over your answers and see exactly what you missed so you can improve on the next round. Your high score lets you know right where you stand.

Key features of the app include:

* Study words by grade level from 1-9
* Study words by 50+ topics
* Create your own custom word lists
* Fill in the blank mini-game
* Word search mini-game
* Hangman mini-game
* Over 1,000 levels to master in campaign mode
* Track the words you have mastered and increase your rank
* Compete on the global leaderboard
* Play on easy, medium, hard, or mixed modes
* Learn new words with spelling bee (pangram) mode
* Choose the length of your round from 1-5 minutes
* Select study mode to practice without a timer
* Study using multiple choice or text entry modes
* Match definitions to words or words to definitions
* Study the meaning and language origin of word roots
* Access coaching from world-class spellers
* Track your high score
* See exactly what words you missed and the correct answer
* Study and quiz on just your missed words
* See your stats for each word that you have answered
* Get word definitions, part of speech, and language or origin
* Link directly to the word in the dictionary for a deep dive
* Reset your high score at any time
* Word of the day notifications
* Practice 200+ commonly misspelled words
* Practice on the go with a companion watch app

Some spelling resources used with permission from Cole Shafer-Ray at

This is a new app and we're looking for feedback. If you find a bug or you have any idea for a new feature that will help improve the experience, please let us know by sending an email to: [email protected]
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