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Spell This

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Spell This

The longest English word in the dictionary is : pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
A 45 letter word! Can you spell it?
In Spell This, chose any letters on the screen to spell a word. If you are on level one, you need to spell two letter words, if you are on level two you need to spell three letter words, if you are on level three you need to spell four letter words and so on. And if you are a master of spelling, you'll reach level 44 to spell a 45 letter word, the longest word possible. Think quick and act fast because as the time goes on, more letter blocks keep falling down. If the top row is filled with letter blocks, then it's game over.

See if you are the best speller in the world by submitting your score to the world wide leaderboard!

Same experience on iOS, tvOS, macOS, and watch OS
Save game progress automatically transferred between platforms via iCloud.
Game works with console controllers
Post your high score on Game Center leaderboards to see if you are the best speller in the world.
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