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Spektacom PowerBat

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Spektacom PowerBat

Spektacom’s PowerBat technology uses an ultra-lightweight credit card sized sticker that can be easily placed on the back of the bat to get real time feedback on batting performance, including data on bat speed, impact location, twist, and power. The technology brings a new dimension to the way batting performance can be analyzed by broadcasters, professionals, amateurs, and coaches.

Spektacom’s PowerBat vision is to revolutionize the sporting experience by creating an ecosystem that engages fans, broadcasters, amateurs, coaches, and professionals through state-of-the-art smart products and technologies.

Paste the Spektacom’s PowerBat smart sticker on the back side of your bat, create a user profile, register the sticker to your profile, connect the sticker through Bluetooth, and start taking your sessions.

App features:
· Objective analysis on every shot played
· Real-time analysis of the ball impact location from the sweet spot of the bat, bat speed, bat twist, bat power, etc.
· Session history and summary
· Bat heatmap analysis for every session
· Access shot information anytime and anywhere via the cloud
· Video recording and session playback
· Share your sessions with your peers and coaches
· Coach mode: Data-driven remote coaching enabled. Connect, share, and assess your student’s performance, remotely
· Spektacom Community: Progress levels in your game and showcase your achievements with your friends. Follow and engage with your favourite players and teams

Stay on top of the game with the Spektacom app. Download it now!
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