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SpeedX Cycling App

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SpeedX Cycling App

SPEEDX is a professional and interesting riding record app, which fully brings you lots of fun via accurate data record, funny riding events, various club information and abundant riding assistant tools.

----function introduction----

「riding data record」
real-time record velocity, mileage, time, calorie and altitude, connect to SPEEDFORCE and then provide cadence, heart rate, temperature, altitude and other accurate information.

「proprietary personal riding centre」
establish cloud-based riding centre and build data-based riding life for you, to recollect and retell anywhere at any time

「riding club」
set up your own riding club, scan members' latest state; organise events, upload photos, enrich club content; PK with other clubs and win glory!

「medal event」
make your riding experiences turn into elegant medals, to make riding more interesting

「watermarking camera」
beautiful photos with riding watermark make your sharing much more fun

「riding roadbook 」
make riding plan, design riding routes, arrange everything in perfect order

「connect to my device」
connect your SPEEDX bicycle to SPEEDFORCE, so as to extend more data information, real-time view bicycle state, synchronize data faster and reserve maintenance anywhere and at any time.

The app supports Apple Health apps, you can synchronize your motion data to Health apps after authorization

「Apple Watch 3.0」
SPEEDX app can work with Apple Watch to bring you more convenient riding experience

SPEEDX app can control riding status via Siri

---contact us---
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Using GPS in the background will shorten the battery's using time
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