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Speedomino is a highly-addictive game which will test both your reaction speed and your hand-eye coordination. As each pair of dominoes comes into play on your Apple Watch or IPhone screen, this quick-witted game requires you choose the correct domino to fit in between them from four available options. One extra life is earned for every 25 correct choices, but the challenge gets progressively more difficult as the game increases in speed.

Speedomino has two levels of difficulty to start from and both get progressively harder the more successful you are. The stats screen keeps track of your scores and those of your friends.
How fast can your brain talk to your fingers?

The game allows you to play against others and is easily personalized with options to change the background music and appearance. Play with your friends to see who is fastest to react - but be warned, its so addictive that they may not want to give you your Watch or iPhone back!

Download now for hours of fun!
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