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Speedmeter mph kmh

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Speedmeter mph kmh

In this GPS speedometer app, you can use your phone compass sensor. Compass helps you to know the moving direction.


1. This car speedometer works in OFFLINE mode , so if you have no internet connection ,this speedometer app will still be running.

2. Digital speedometer not only shows you CURRENT speed , it also shows AVERAGE speed ,total DISTANCE, MAXIMUM speed , your car, your bike , etc.

3. Two types of HUD MODE to help you use the GPS speedometer in car windshield.

4. 10 Themes : Different colors in truck speedometer app.

5. It's a car speed tracker that can also be used for the bikes, bicycles, etc.

6. You can set your DESIRED UNITS here like if you want knot, Km/h or mph. Corresponding speed and distance will be shown in GPS speedometer app.

7. This pedometer app carries a SIMPLE and ATTRACTIVE interface .

8. You can CHANGE UNITS any time you want , like in the middle of your trip in our speed meter.

9. It shows realtime weather condition.

10. This speedometer gets online speed limit of the road you are driving and sound ALERT for overs peed to prevent form penalty.

11. By double tap it switch FULL Screen mode with extra large digital display.

12. Show your battery level and GPS satellite signal level.

13. RESET all data in just a click.

14. Find LATITUDE, LONGITUDE and ALTITUDE at your current location even if your device doesn't have Barometer.

15. You can access speed info Today Widget Screen without open app

16. You can see your Apple watch and synchronize color theme, unit with your app
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