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Speedometer tracker is the most accurate, high precision and intuitive digital speed tracker which includes a distance meter, odometer and speedometer functions for cars, bikes, unicycles and beyond! Even activities such as walking, running or even skiing can be measured in several different velocity scales. It doesn't matter whether you are moving in reverse or just plain old forward you still get the most accurate speed and distance traveled in your desired scale.
This is the easiest and most intuitive speedometer app and the best bike and car speed tracker you can find on the app store.

Use it on your iPhone or Apple watch while training and get audio feedback about your movement speed.

- Light and fast app for optimizing battery life
- Record the max speed of your total trip
- Easily switch to any scale from kph to mph
- Displays average and maximum movement speed as well as trip time
- Easy to use
- Attractive and simple user interface design
- Get all your stats in one place.
- Also available for apple watch

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