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Speediance provides vast information, including thousands of movements and workouts for muscle building, weight loss, and strength training. It can also achieve intelligent data tracking and analysis to help you build a healthier life routine.

【Intelligent Data Analysis】
Artificial intelligence analyzes and records your every workout, making your improvement visualized. Make a little progress every day to achieve unexpected achievements.

【Real-Time Sync】
Speediance can sync your collections of movements, workouts, and programs with Gym Monster machine, an all-in-one home gym with a versatile design. You can also view your real-time workout data at home for a more immersive gym experience.

【Professional Workouts】
Speediance can meet all your training needs with a curated library of workouts that includes a wide range of sessions such as strength training, static stretch, weight loss, and specific exercises. Bring your fitness challenge to the next level in a scientific and efficient way.

【Effective Training Programs】
High-quality content is a key to exercise programs. Speediance presents thoughtfully-curated and comprehensive training plans to help you motivate full-body muscle. Stick to a balanced workout habit and meet a brand new self.

【A Library of Movements】
Speediance provides 250+ expert-level movement instructions to help get the most out of your workouts.

【Customized Workout Templates】
You can tailor your training plan to your specific needs by selecting preferred movements. Pick from hundreds of movements from Speediance library to have a distinctive training experience.
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