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Speed Dial

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Speed Dial

Speed Dial is the best way to get in touch with your favorites in no time. Speed Dial lets you make Call, Send WhatsApp Message, FaceTime audio / FaceTime video call and send message to your favorite contacts insanely quick. Also Speed Dial can be useful in case of emergency letting you make call instantly without having to search for the contacts.

▶▶ Speed Dial page
User can tap on the empty Speed Dial Contact cell, phone-book will open. User has to select the desired contact tap on it and tap on the number which user wish to add to the Speed dial page. The default action is tap to call the contact and long press for SMS/iMessage which can also be changed from the setting options.

▶▶3D touch Contacts
User can set most frequently used contacts on 3D touch to access them faster. Just 3D touch on Speed Dial app icon and user will get options to call as well as to add new contact.

▶▶ Multiple Language Support
Now Speed Dial Supports fifteen languages
English, Hindi, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Dutch, German, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Italian, Polish, Portuguese.

▶▶ Call Reminders
User can long press on the speed dial contacts to set multiple call reminders with customized notes. This will remind user on specific time along with the note. User can keep it “one time” or can repeat the reminders daily, weekly, yearly. User will be able to set as many reminders as they want for all the speed dial contacts.
▶▶ Notification Widget
Notification widget in Today's extension to call and message directly to the added contacts, this works on lock screen as well. Just tap to call and long press to message.

▶▶ Group Feature
Group feature enables to message and mail all the selected group members at once saving a good amount of time.
With Quick Group feature, user can assign SMS or mail before hand to access the facility much more faster way.The in-app templates in the Group will help user to type much faster way with the facility to add more templates.
▶▶ Smart T9 Dial pad.
Smart dialer to call any number from Speed dial app. Smart search facility to search your contact book by name and number also one handed dial pad facility.

▶▶ Smart T9 Dial Add-ons
User can select QR scanner on the Smart T9 Dialer or can set WhatsApp, FaceTime Audio or FaceTime Video as a quick access option. QR scanner will directly call if there is any valid phone number in QR code or it will display the data as per QR code.
▶▶ Newly Designed Contact book.
Catchy and light UI for contact book. Easy to call and message using swipe feature. Display contact photo directly on list and it will display initials of First name and Last name if no contact photo is assigned.
▶▶ Customize your own Speed Dial Screen using custom background with Blur & Tint facility. Change Speed dial icon shape with Round, Square & Rounded Square.

▶▶ App other features: 

▶ Speed Dial Watch App lets you call and message instantly from Apple Watch. The 3 X 3 grid will
display Speed dial contacts. On tap of any contact user can call and message from Apple Watch.

▶ More options in contact book, now user can take back up of their all or selected contacts
in VCF file and export it to any other device seamlessly.

▶ Add contacts as Speed dial.

▶ Share speed dial contacts via WhatsApp, mail, message and other many other application

▶ Set background with blur & tint effect to make your contact page beautiful.

▶ Easy navigation between speed dial pages via birds view.

▶ Images are automatically added for your favorite contacts if available in contact details, making it easier to find your favorites.

▶ No image for favorites? It will display initials of the contacts First name and Last name with catchy color.

▶ Set your actions for single touch and long press.

▶ Move contact from one page to another by simply using the edit ‘pencil’ button and user will get option on single tap of speed dial contact.
Jay Shenmare