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Speed Camera Club Speed Limits

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Speed Camera Club Speed Limits

Free to download and use.
~ Membership to Speed Camera Club + database of unmarked SpdCams

Speed Camera Club + Open Street Maps Speed Limits Advisory
~ Over-Speed Warnings
~ Persistent 'Over-Speed' warning options:
. . . Until-You-Slow-Down!
~ Vibrating Alerts on your Apple Watch
~ Audio, Visual & Haptic Alerts

~ Mph & Kmh.
~ UX designed as your driving 'Co-Pilot'
~ WatchOS companion app now connected for HAPTIC alerts.
~ Speed Limits API is from Open Street Maps - aka - OSM.

OSM is Not always 100% correct and NOT always 100% available so take the bottom circle "Speed Limit' as advisory ONLY.

OSM is an open-source community-supported API.
You can join in and do your own speed limit updates.
Just go to: and sign up and start updating to improve the road data for all of us.

v1.2.5 (1)
Key Features - UI:
~ Designed to keep only important features on the Dashboard.
~ Over-Speed Alert "Low-Level" from +0 to +5 Mph/Kmh.
~ Over-Speed Alert "High-Level" from +6 to +10 Mph/Kmh.
~ Visual Alert synchronized with the audio alert.

OSM Fixed Speed Cameras
~ this database is crowd-sourced so please feel free to update with your own data at

~ One quick tap of the 'TrafficReport' button instantly sends the location of the unmarked Speed Camera Van - you've just spotted - to be uploaded to the SCC database.
~ SCC TrafficReports then stay live for two hours in the database, warning all other members approaching the proximity.

Finally, we CAN beat the cameras by working together! And it's FREE.

SM Pro - user details.
~ Option to set the Over-Speed audio alerts to continue every few seconds - "Until-You-Slow-Down"!

~ Single Tap the Speed Limit Circle to Mute Audio Alerts for 30 seconds.
Tap again to re-enable.

~ Double Tap the Speed Limit Circle for full-time MUTE.
Tap again to re-enable.

Key Benefits - UX:
~ App opens in Dashboard mode to see your current GPS speed against the current location road speed limit.
~ Easy to change Over-Speed alert level with up/down buttons.
~ Mute Audio Alerts - 1 tap for 30 secs Mute; 2 taps for Full Mute
~ Toggle either Audio Alert on/off
~ GPS strength meter - check status plus . . .
~ Tap GPS icon to RESET/REFRESH GPS - sometimes the app will pick up a side street or overpass speed limit - now just tap GPS icon to reset to correct speed limit.

Tap the SPEED CAMERA CLUB button to start the membership sign-up process so you can add any Hidden/Unmarked/Covert Speed Cam Vans to the database.

Speedo Minder Pro is your new Co-Pilot.
A complete Speed management assistant and Speed Camera reminder solution for drivers and motorcycle riders who need a little help to stay under the limit.

Save your money!
Save your license!
Keep your eyes on the road!
Beat the Speed Cameras!

SM Pro + SCC is the only dedicated Over-Speed and Speed Camera database app designed and developed in Australia that lets YOU set your own:
~ Over-Speed Threshold, and,
~ Repeat Alert Frequency.
~ Audio, Visual and HAPTIC alerts!!
~ Add Covert/Unmarked Speed Cameras to our private database to warn all members of our Speed Camera Club.

This ''driver's co-pilot" app is customized for commuters who don’t need a map, they just want effective speed alerts - BEFORE they get a Speeding Ticket.
And . . . a heads-up for those Fixed Cameras.
And. . . . a private, members-only, database of hidden/covert/unmarked cameras, updated daily.

TIP for City Commuters:-
- Set Level of Over-speed to about +4;
- repeat warning to about 5-6 seconds.

TIP for Country Commuters: -
- Set Level to about +6 or +7;
- Set repeat warning to about every 5 seconds.

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Use - EULA

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Stephen Grealy