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Speaker Presentation Timer

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Speaker Presentation Timer

No longer do you have to pull yourself away from your audience to check the time. You no longer have to ask, "How am I doing for time?" nor, "How much time do I have left?"

In theatre, stage actors can never break the 4th wall. The 4th wall is the imaginary wall between the actor and the audience. Professional Speakers have the same limitation.

Every time you look at your watch or run to the lectern to check your time, you pull yourself from the audience and their needs. You are essentially going from "I am being of service to you!" to "I am up here doing my job - and oh, yea, I have 5 minutes left!"

You can set Speaker Presentation Timer and the Pro Speaker Presentation Timer to prompt individual components of your speech and stealthily vibrate in your pocket (or on your watch) as you reach your critical sections.

With Pro Speaker Presentation Timer, only you will know you're on stage with a job to do.
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