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This app is a speedometer.
You can display the speed on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch.
The speed display unit can be switched between KM / h, miles / h, and knots.

You can change the speedometer needle color.

[Setting method]
Swipe right on the screen to display the settings screen. You can change the settings by selecting a list of settings on the screen and turning the digital crown or swiping up and down.

- Display Mode
Set the scale unit of the speedometer according to the selected mode. You can select the mode from turtle speed to rocket speed.

- Color
Set the speedometer needle color.

- Unit
Set the speed display unit. Units can be selected from KM / h, miles / h, and knots.

This app uses GPS location information to display speed. Please note that it may not be possible to display the correct speed in places where GPS signals are difficult to enter, such as in bad weather, indoors or near tall buildings.

Location information may be used while using this app, which may shorten battery life.

Application updates may reset settings such as mode. If it is reset, please reset the setting.

Be careful while walking while watching the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch. The creator of this app is not responsible for any events that occur using this app.
Tatsuya Hamanishi