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Did you ever get confused while playing TeamFight Tactics with what items you should build or are the item combinations?

Spatula is the right TFT app for you, stop wasting time with alt-tabs and minimizing the game client to find out what items you should or can combine, have everything you need in your wrist. Spatula was made to make your life easier, here you can list the items, filter the items by its base item and find out quickly what items are possible to build.


Rise of the Elements new Set
• You can switch between the current set and the new Rise of the Elements set

Items Cheat Sheet
• You can filter by selecting a base item.
• You can check the items status, combined status, and advanced passive bonus.
• Item tier information

Did you miss something?

If you feel that something is missing, please send us the suggestion, we will craft your idea for this incredible game mode with love <3

TeamFight Tactics Item Helper for League of Legends, lol tft.

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