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Get even spaces instantly.

The loved feature in another app called Brainy Builder, but now in its own app that should be able to help anyone who wants to distribute items with equal spacing.

This app will provide you with a drawing with instant visual feedback.
You will get all the measurements you need in order to place the items evenly.

It also comes with a companion Apple Watch app, so you can focus on your task in hand.

This app has many uses, not limited to professionals. Here's a few examples:
* Post and board spacing for fences (carpenter)
* Paneling walls (carpenter)
* Distributing spotlights (electrician)
* Hedge and flower planting (gardenist)
* Placing candles on a cake (perfectionist)

A last tip:

The values in the app are not limited to length measurements. It could also be in time or degrees (a full circle is 360 degrees).
I now challenge you to find your specific use case, good luck!
Beyond Code AB