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Space Groups

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Space Groups

Space Groups is a simple app that provides information on all 230 crystallographic space groups.

Feature List:

All 230 crystallographic space groups.
All 1731 Wyckoff letters and 14433 Wyckoff positions for the above.
All 4425 symmetry operations for the above.
Rapid search function.
Small memory footprint as the Wyckoff positions and symmetry operations are computed—very quickly—as needed, and not stored on the device.
Copious information above is generated using elementary group theory from a few group generators, with the aid of a …
Custom symbolic manipulation engine.
All technical output is typeset and displayed—again, very quickly—in Times Roman and Italic fonts using a …
Custom typesetting engine.
On-demand natural language descriptions of the symmetry operations.
On-demand spoken descriptions of the symmetry operations.
VoiceOver integration for the visually impaired.
User-manipulable 3D model of the unit cell and its associated Wyckoff positions.
Stereoscopic views of the above 3D model.
Interactive visualization of the data hierarchy of the 7 crystal systems, 32 crystallographic point groups, and 230 crystallographic space groups.
A single universal app which runs on all your iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, and/or iPod touch.
BONUS: Includes free companion app for the Apple Watch.
Lawrence Anthony