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-- Support for Apple Watch --
Direct can confirm the care of the cattle and the repulse of the enemy,
the care situation from Apple Watch.

-- Description --
You ranch with the steps that walked!
"It is a ranch management game" to raise cattle of the space.
An attendant of commuting, attending school, the exercise can enjoy a game! !

▼Care of the cattle
You use "the steps" that You accumulated on foot and purchase cattle.
You feed the cattle which You purchased and spread steadily by walking!
"A coin" is available if You ship the cattle which propagated.
In addition, You will come in contact with cattle positively because it gets a coin even You tap cattle, and to love!

▼Facilities of the ranch
You can expand the facilities of the ranch by using the coin.
Of the cattle to multiply
when make a ranch wide can increase "the domestic animals of a new kind"
so as that "the number of the upper limits does up" and walks
if walk a lot,
and help the management of the ranch by expanding facilities!

▼Outbreak of the invasion event
An alien or a wolf at cattle and the coin of the ranch rarely hit it!
You succeed in repulse if You tap an enemy within a time limit.
Not only You can protect a ranch,
but also can obtain a rare cattle with constant probability if You succeed in repulse!
because the cattle which You lavish great care until now and multiplied
when You fail in repulse and the coin which You saved steadily are robbed of it,
You try it hard, and let's repulse it!
Guyzware, Inc