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Space Cannon

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Space Cannon

Deep Space Defenders are looking for volunteers for joining Space Rangers protecting our outer space. Space Rangers are sent to faraway galaxies and trained to use Space Cannon, the ultimate rotating laser cannon.

Mission is not simple. Enemies are spawn to your outpost at constantly accelerating speed and gravity from your Space Cannon is against you. Some enemies are carrying a bomb which destroys all your shields when hitting your Space Cannon. Luckily also destroying enemy like that destroys all current enemies. If you are looking for more credits, find x-marked enemies and your points are multiplied until you muff a shoot.

You will be given a Space Cannon which:
- shots lasers by a touch of the device
- shots gravity bombs by long (0,5s) press of the device
- turns rotating direction by swiping left/down or right/up
- reloads automatically one shot per second for lasers and per 30 seconds for gravity bombs
- can be set temporarily to multi shot mode by hitting a Green Cannon drifting over
- gravity bombs attracts enemies and change their route

Your protection shield:
- has four shields in three layers: green, yellow and red
- is destroyed by a hit of an enemy
- is destroyed completely by a hit of an enemy with a bomb
- can be restored by hitting a Green Shield drifting over
- is restored inside out: red, yellow, green

All you need is courage, fast thumb and sharp eye. Go on and join Deep Space Defenders and put enemies under your thumbs. Literally.

This game is also available on Apple TV and Apple Watch!!!

Marvelous Space Images are real pictures provided by ESA/Hubble.
Thanks to from great game course and original idea.
Game music is from ObservingTheStar by yd. Thanks.
Kamuli Software