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Space Buster X

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Space Buster X

Play 3 new challenges of 3 levels in different worlds every day and fight to rise on the online leaderboard! The game contains 492 gorgeous pixel art levels, awesome music and sound effects!

You thought you knew everything about Brick Breakers? Guess you don’t! With Space Buster X, Farting Ponies will really surprise you. Endowed with an irreproachable gameplay and a cleverly balanced level of difficulty, Space Buster X is still THE mobile bricks breaking game reference!

Discover a visual world and original-retro sound effects, full of options and bonuses which will help you to get through the hardest levels. This game is different because of its creativity and the fun of rediscovering those retro arcade games.
Relive the genuine atmosphere and charisma of the 1980s arcade games and everything that made them such great classics. Space Buster X will make you lose all track of time...
Sylvain Nowe