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Sp33dy, the gps speedometer

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Sp33dy, the gps speedometer

Need to know you current speed ? average speed cameras ? your maximum speed ? video recording speed overlaid over it ? HUD ? Look no further, Sp33dy the go-to GPS Speedometer dashcam is here to help !

All new and redesigned Sp33dy gives you all new speed related readouts:
- current speed
- maximum speed
- average speed
- acceleration time
- breaking time

Interface redesign introduces:
- all new gauges
- better measurement integration
- theme switch control: fixed theme, automatic theme controlled by screen brightness and automatic theme controlled by time of day.
- ability to chose your own theme colors
- rotation lock
- more user friendly layout
- GPS signal strength and sensor calibration level indication

Still, Sp33dy it's true to it's origin and preserve simple display for clear readout while one the move.

What Sp33dy can help you with on the daily basis:
- your vehicle speedometer is broken
- you've got different size tires than original ones
- you've changed gearbox or differential in your vehicle
- you drive a push bike
- you want to know how fast you drove on skate board
- you doubt that your speedo shows a true speed
- you are on the airplane and want to know your true speed
- you are on the boat and want to know your true speed
- want to have a 100% proof of speed that you've achieved in your vehicle.

As before, Sp33dy supports:
- mph (miles per hour)
- km/h (kilometres per hour)
- knots
- m/s (meters per second)

Also gauges are scalable from 10 to 1000 units of any type - so can be used for walking / skateboard / push bike / truck / super car / tank / bus / train / boat / tanker / helicopter / airplane / rocket ;)

Sp33dy comes absolutely free and there is no intent for making it a paid app, all the functions are available without paying anything extra, but there will be an advertisement bar at the bottom of the display.