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The South Coast AQMD app is the official air quality app for residents of the South Coast Air Quality Management District, which includes major portions of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties. Air quality experts provide real-time and forecasted air quality information using the highest quality data and scientifically validated methods.

South Coast AQMD is the government agency responsible for monitoring and improving air quality for the 17 million people that reside in the region.

The app features the following functions:

• Air Quality at a Glance - Provides real-time and forecasted air quality data for up to 20 locations within South Coast AQMD’s jurisdiction. Real-time air quality values are determined using a technique developed by South Coast AQMD scientists and published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal that is considerably more accurate than other methods. This method blends measurements from high-quality “regulatory” monitors, quality controlled and calibrated low-cost sensors, and air quality models. Air quality readings account for concentrations of ozone (smog), particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10), nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide.

• Detailed Air Quality Data - Provides detailed air quality data for each saved city, the current and forecasted Air Quality Index (AQI), the main pollutant of concern for each location and health-related information. Users can also tap the “More Details” button for real-time information on all pollutants, yesterday’s air quality data, daily highs and historical data.

• Interactive Air Quality Map - Provides a real-time view of air quality in the region. Air quality is reported for over 1,200 distinct locations. Simply tap a location for detailed air quality information.

• Configurable Air Quality Health Notifications - Receive optional notifications when air pollution reaches Unhealthy levels in your area. Air quality notification settings can be easily adjusted to fit user preferences.

• Submit Air Quality Complaints – Easily report an air quality complaint, equipment breakdown and smoking vehicle by phone.

• Alternative Fuel Map – Provides an interactive map with locations, directions and details for natural gas, hydrogen, electric and propane fueling stations from the Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuel Stations database.

• South Coast AQMD Announcements and Events – Stay up to date on air quality alerts, announcements as well as events including Governing Board meetings, conferences, town hall meetings and workshops.

• Integrated Weather - In addition to air quality information, users can check real-time weather conditions for each selected location.
South Coast Air Quality Management District