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Sound Targets

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Sound Targets

Sound Targets gives you a quick way to remotely trigger recordings from or record directly on your Apple Watch, record and playback audio on your iPhone, and share all of your sounds to SoundCloud® or other social media.

This app allows you to record and play back sounds remotely on your iPhone using your Apple Watch over short distances.

- Record audio from a different room using your iPhone's microphone by tapping a button on your watch.

- Record audio using your watch and playback the audio on your iPhone's speaker.

- Trigger recordings, SoundCloud Tracks or sound effects to play back on your phone's speaker by tapping a button on your watch.

- Quickly locate your phone across the house if you misplaced it.

- Play voice reminders for your friends or colleagues while you're out of the room or away from your desk.

- Create a lightweight digital soundboard.

- Record and playback audio reminders for yourself.

The current version of Sound Targets provides the ability to record up to nine custom or predefined sounds.
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