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Sound recording recorder

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Sound recording recorder

Tap the Record button to start recording, or press the Record button again to stop recording.
During recording, you can pause the recording and start recording.

"It is advisable to switch to Airplane mode during voice recording to avoid interference with incoming calls or other processes!"
If an incoming call or other speaker activity occurs while recording, the recording will automatically stop and the recorder will notify you.

- We can share recorded sounds
• In messages
• By e-mail
• Notes
• Facebook
• messenger
• Installed with 3 rd party applications

- Recorded sounds can be renamed.
- We can duplicate recorded sounds.
-The recorded sounds can be cut at will.
- Recorded sounds can be saved in iTunes or (Finder) in the File Sharing window.
- Recorded voices can be shared over a Wifi network using the embedded Webserver.
- Voices can be uploaded and downloaded to iCloud Drive. (iCloud login required)

In the Settings view:

• iCloud Auto Sync.
• Recording settings format and sound quality.
• Webserver-Wifi sharing

In-app purchase:

To turn off advertising:
• (turns off ad serving)

Pro Function:
• Expand Share
• Web sharing
• iCloud Sync
• Recording settings
• (turns off ad serving)

Watch Support:
The clock can record audio. Clock tones are automatically copied to your iPhone. If for any reason the transfer did not start, press Deeply on the display and the transfer menu will appear and tap.
Your previous recordings in the clock will remain until you delete them. You can also delete all recordings in the record list view here Deep press the display and you will see the option to delete all.
Albert Parti