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Soterria is a seizure alert app that provides peace of mind.

Here is how it works:
- When you feel like you are going to have a seizure, press the Soterria button on your phone or on your Apple Watch.
- Once you press the Soterria button, three things happen:
1) An audible alarm will go off from your phone to alert those around you that you are having a seizure, and provide steps to help keep you safe.
2) The Soterria App will send a text to your selected contacts alerting them that you are having a seizure
3) The Soterria App will also notify your selected contacts of your location via a Google Maps link. This way help can come quickly to assist!

What you need to do:
1) Download the Soterria app
2) Grant Soterria permissions to all asked (Don't worry we will not misuse your data)
3) Add contacts that you would like to notify of your seizure. These contacts will also be advised of your current location. (Add people that will be nearby).
4) Start using the App!

Test to make sure that your contacts are receiving the alerts via text.
Do not wait until you need to use Soterria!
This is very important!

Thank you for using Soterria! The anonymous data we collect will help us with our ultimate goal of automatically detecting seizures.

Soterria uses Apple's Healthkit API to read information for movement so we can create an algorithm to detect if a user is having a seizure.

Wishing you good health!
Soterria Team