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SOS Worldwide

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SOS Worldwide

- Shows your exact location, and will update as you move about in the app

- Will find the local emergency number based on whichever part of the work you are in, allowing you to call them straight from the app. Made possible by hand made algorithms

- Send an automated emergency message including your location to any of your contacts, or send a custom message including whatever you'd like to say

SOS Worldwide is specially designed for an emergency. The sky blue background is designed to help calm you down and stop panicking, while giving you quick access to the information you need during an emergency.

By tapping the SOS button you are shown your exact latitude and longitude coordinates so the emergency services can find you. As well as you are provided with the local emergency service number wherever you are in the world, even in the most remote of places.

Wether you are in a small village in Africa to a large city like San Francisco, rest and enjoy life knowing you are in good hands when time matters the most.

When you need it the most, SOS Worldwide is there for you and your family.

NOTE: You must allow location services in order for this app to work correctly. Your location is only used to provide you with the proper emergency service number, and to present you with your location for the emergency services. SOS Worldwide does not send your location to the authorities. It only presents to you your location so you can describe to the emergency services where you are or message a contact that you are in an emergency.
Christian Elam