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Sonic | Tone Generator

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Sonic | Tone Generator

Sonic is the original app used to clean water from your iPhone speakers. Use the speaker cleaning session to clear out your speakers and get things sounding like new again. Sonic generates a sine wave tone with easy precise control over the frequency. Simply swipe your finger up and down anywhere on the screen to raise or lower the tone frequency. Swipe slowly for small frequency adjustments quickly for larger adjustments. 

Sonic features you will love:
• Clear moisture from your iPhone speakers.
• Generate tones from 0 Hz to Ultrasonic 25 kHz.  
• Control Sonic from your Apple Watch.  
• Use other apps with Sonic in the background.
• Broadcast Sonic to bluetooth and Airplay speakers.

More features available to Premium Subscribers:
• Limitless speaker cleaning sessions.
• Unique waveforms to choose from.
• Unlimited preset creation.
• No Ads, ever.

Terms of Use:
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