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Body position can be important to sleeping well, especially if you snore, or if some positions tend to give you back or neck pain. The SomnoPose sleep position monitor can help you manage your sleep position.

SomnoPose is designed to run all night, while you wear your iPhone or iPod touch. It continually monitors the device's orientation, and provides an all-night chart of sleep position, along with a summary that shows how much time you've spent in each general position. An optional alarm can be used to help avoid undesired positions.

- Continually monitors accelerometer data to determine your body position.
- Shows how much time you've spent facing left, right, up and down.
- Provides charts showing position data for entire nights.
- An alarm can alert you when you're in a position you've chosen to avoid.
- Shows built-in help content.

- Does not transfer information from your device unless you explicitly export data. You control where your data goes.
- Does not need a network connection (except if and when you export data)
- Does not have in-app advertising, in-app purchases, or subscription fees.

- Scrolling chart on the main screen shows real-time position data.
- Screens have dark backgrounds, suitable for use in low-light conditions.
- Alarm volume can increase gradually to avoid jarring users (or partners).
- Audio from another app can be played in the background.

- Alarms and statistics are automatically paused while you sit up or stand up.
- The angles for determining body positions are adjustable.
- Chart images can be saved as photos, printed, sent to other apps, or exported.
- Collected position data can be exported via email, messages, or other apps (as a CSV attachment).
- Controls can be "shielded" to prevent accidental changes.
- Uses the iPhone proximity sensor to shut off the screen during the night, saving battery power.


* To use SomnoPose to monitor your sleep position, you will need to wear your iPhone or iPod touch in a stable, forward-facing position while you sleep. The internal help and the SomnoPose website help pages describe several ways of wearing your device.
* SomnoPose is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease. Its purpose is to monitor and record information about body position.
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