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Sometime lets you easily track and complete recurring tasks in your daily life.

When life gets busy, Sometime can let you know:
“Is it time to take my medicine?”
“When was the last time I got a haircut?”
“How often do I gas up the car?”
… and more!

This app supports dark mode, widgets, Siri Shortcuts and iCloud sync.


- See all of your tasks with reminders for Today and in the Future.
- Organize your tasks into categories and quickly switch between them.
- Sort by Last Done to see tasks you haven't done in a while.
- Sort by Upcoming to see reminder times more clearly.

- Set a periodic reminder that notifies you days/weeks/months after each completion.
- Set a daily reminder that notifies you at a specific time(s) every day.
- Set a weekly, monthly or weekly interval reminder that notifies you at specific days every week(s)/month(s)/year(s).
- Set a reminder at a specific date and time.
- Set custom notification sound.

- Get a better sense of your habits and completion frequency with informative task history charts.
- See what's your average, shortest and longest time interval between completions.
- Easily add, edit and remove completions from history.

- (Pro) Add completion notes to remember additional context.
- (iOS 14) Widgets.
- Task: See the next reminder date or the last completion for a task.
- Today: See upcoming reminders for all tasks or tasks in a category.
- (iOS 13+) Support for Siri Shortcuts: set custom voice commands and automations for actions like:
- Get tasks for todays
- Complete a task
- Get last completion date for a task
- Get the next reminder date for a task
- Remind me later for a task
- Quickly complete a task or remind yourself later from notifications and Spotlight search.
- Export your task completions as CSV.
- Safely backup and restore your data on iCloud.
- (iOS 13+) Seamlessly sync your data across devices via iCloud.
- (iOS 13+) Dark mode.

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