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SolVecConMon stands for Solar Power and Vehicle Control/Monitoring. Have all important solar and loadpoint values on your Apple Watch with a finger tip - IN REAL TIME. It's a pure Apple Watch app! There is no Apple iPhone companion app - configuration also done in SolVecConMon.

Please note!
• For a first Look&Feel impression it's enough to download the App - it automatically connects to the cloud based evcc Demo System -
• Prerequisite for real operation is to have a locally installed Solar Charging evcc System - - SolVecConMon is powered by evcc!

Good to know!
• App updates after the first App download are done in the Apple Watch. Please search for solvecconmon in the Apple Watch App Store and click the download-cloud.
• It's much easier to edit the Apple Watch App Store and App Configuration tab fields through your iPhone/iPad. For this please take care that in the iPhone/iPad Settings for Apple Watch Keyboard - Allow Notifications - is set.

• solor power generation
• house consumption
• house batterie charging/discharging
• Vehicle(loadpoint) monitoring
• Vehicle(loadpoint) charge mode control

This version supports
• one solor grid
• one house battery
• one loadpoint (a second loadpoint wouldn't be shown)

The application is working in your local network with running a local installation of For that you need to enter your evcc installation server in the App's Configuration tab like http://mymachine:7070 or http://myIP:7070 (expected you are using the default evcc port 7070).

If you want the App having access outside your local network you need additionally setup an 'Edge Router' (reverse proxy), which provides basic authentification feature and https secure connection. A detailed instruction guide is to be found on

SolVecConMon is in operation on below Server setup.
Hardware: RaspberryPi 4 (LAN connected)
• Image/Container Management Docker - - open source
• Solar Charging evcc container - - open source
• Edge Router Traefik proxy - - open source
• Let's Encrypt - - a nonprofit Certificate Authority
With that SolVecConMon is additionally powered by Raspberry, Docker, Traefik and Let's Encrypt.

We are looking forward to get your feedback on [email protected].

If you like this app then please support us with a review in the Apple App Store.

SolVecConMon comes without any kind of guarantee. You use the software at your own risk. It is your responsibility to ensure that it runs as intended.