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This Solution Fires Control App allows the user enhanced access to the controls of the Solution SLE Electric Fires.

With this App installed the flame picture, downlight, fuel bed and scene lights can all be independently controlled enabling a wide choice of colours and brightness. It also gives the user the chance to add their own preferred custom pre-set to the six programmed pre-sets.

Intuitive to use, the app provides the ability to adjust the volume of the fire sound, turn on and off the two stage heaters and set a target temperature for your room. There is also the facility to set a seven-day timer for your fire bringing it in line with the most sophisticated home heating systems.

There is the added benefit of the same handset being able to control up to five separate fires with a simple-to-use “fire-naming” function making it very straightforward to select which fire to control at any one time.

Task specific, easy-to-access on-board instructions make it as simple as it can be to understand how to use the app if something does not seem like second nature the first time a function is encountered.

This App is very well thought through from the perspective of the user and makes it very easy to enjoy the best features of your Solutions Fire.
Capital Fireplaces Ltd