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Solitary Guide

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Solitary Guide

Alone at home? Don't worry! We are with you...
whatever the reason may be, sometimes you can find yourself left on your home with nothing to keep you occupied.

Solitary guide is a convenient app that helps children when there parents/guardians are out for some purpose. Solitary guide facilitate the children in there household purpose when they are alone.

# Features-
• It guides the children in every step with simple to-do list.
• Helps the children to cook something up when hungry, with simple recipe guide.
• "A picture can say a thousand words" keeping this in mind, large number of every home
made recipe is described in this section.

-> Entertain them with three categories-
• Assistant
• Draw
• Music

# It also allows user to call/text there relatives or friends when they are in trouble.

"Someone once said, ‘All great and precious things are lonely’. So it would seem you are in good company"

Developed By-

Team Members-
• Aman Jain
• Shasvat Jain
Digital Hole Pvt. Ltd.