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Solitaire The Game

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Solitaire The Game

Solitaire The Game is a FREE classic Klondike Solitaire with a native iOS design and an INSTANT START. 
If you like playing Solitaire on your PC, you will love Solitaire The Game as it offers SMOOTH PERFORMANCE on your device, wherever you go.

Amongst all free solitary games, Solitaire The Game is very intuitive, fun to play, with clean design and LOADS EXTREMELY FAST. You don’t have to wait the game to load, just play solitary and have fun. This puzzle card game will train your brain.

Each day you can try to complete one of our DAILY CHALLENGES which always have a solution. Sometimes the solution is more difficult but the daily challenge is one of the best ways to train your mind and become even better player at solitaire.

If you haven’t played before classic solitare (also known as Patience game) – don’t worry. The game is extremely easy to play as our hint feature shows you all possible moves and you can learn the rules in the matter of few games.

The Game Center is also available for you, so you can compare your high scores with friends, or just to see the leaderboards.

Solitaire The Game offers a free card game of solitaire.

There are two main modes:

1. RANDOM DEAL - each deal is randomly generated. Some of these deals may have no solution no matter how hard you try.

2. DAILY CHALLENGE - unique deal for each day. Each Daily Challenge has a solution. Some solutions are just harder to find. You can play all Daily Challenge deals for the last 3 months.

The other features of Solitaire The Game are:

iPhone/iPad FEATURES:

• Solitaire 1 card draw
• Solitaire 3 cards draw
• Standard scoring
• Vegas scoring
• Cumulative scoring
• Winnable Daily Challenge each day
• Autocomplete
• Hints
• Statistics
• Game center leaderboards
• Custom backgrounds
• Custom cards faces
• Custom cards backs
• Custom deck spots
• Left/Right hand layout
• Apple Watch support
• Double tap - play Solitaire with one hand
• iMessage stickers
• Game saved and restored when solitary is interrupted


• Solitaire 1 card draw
• Standard scoring
• Left/Right hand layout
• Statistics
• Sounds
• Autocomplete
• Undo
• Custom backgrounds and cards' backs

Play Klondike solitaire free and have fun :)
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