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Soliloquy Pro

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Soliloquy Pro

Soliloquy Pro™ is the perfect monologue finder and manager for students and theatre professionals. Do you need a monologue for auditions for a class? Are you tired of the same overdone monologues that everyone seems to perform over and over? With over 1000 monologues to choose from, you can filter them by age, gender, genre, length, and more to find just the right speech for you.

Soliloquy Pro has the following great features:

• Over 1100 of the best classical monologues from over 250 plays for both men and women
• "Favorite" an unlimited number of your preferred monologues for easy access
• Save an unlimited number of your own monologues in My Library from ANYWHERE!
• Edit monologues in My Library to the length and style you need
• Search monologues by keywords or phrases
• Filter speeches by gender, age, genre, line forms, author, play, century or region
• Use the Memorization Tools and techniques to help learn your monologue faster
• Share monologues with other Soliloquy users
• Switch on Teleprompter Mode to use your device as a teleprompter
• Included guides: How to Choose a Monologue, Audition Tips, Overdone Monologues, and Memorization Techniques
• Print speeches on any AirPrint printer
• Backup your Favorites and Library to iCloud
• Customize the font and adjust the size
• Choose from several color themes for Teleprompter Mode
• Use your Apple Watch to control Teleprompter Mode

NOTE: Due to copyright restrictions, we can't add modern monologues to the app, but you can add any monolgue you want to Soliloquy. Just paste in your favorite monologues to keep them all in one place!