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Solar Lunar Widget

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Solar Lunar Widget

Solar Lunar takes the Apple Watch Solar face and extends it with more information about both the Sun and the Moon. The Apple Watch extension features four beautiful pages:
Sunrise and Sunset, Moonrise and Moonset with Moon phases, a combined Sun and Moon page and a details page. All updated in realtime!

In addition to this, you will also find the distance to the sun and moon (updated in realtime), solar noon, meridian passing and transit elevation.
Solar Lunar
The Solar Lunar app uses GPS to determine the location and timezone of a user to calculate exactly when the sun and moon rises or sets. It also shows the "celestial elevation graphs" which shows the sun and moon elevations throughout the day, in addition to several other details regarding the sun
The Sun page shows details regarding the solar day. This includes Sunrise and Sunset times, length of day and how much longer or shorter today is compared to yesterday.
The Moon page shows details regarding the lunar night. Moonrise and Moonset times are shown, in adition to moon phases.
Sun and Moon
The Sun and Moon page shows how the sun and moon traverse the sky in relation to each other.
The details page gives even more data regarding the Sun and the Moon.
Bjorn Jenssen

Independent app developer, based in Norway.