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Description: Software featuring manual data entry, storage, display, transfer, and self-managing of diabetes taking into account a number of parameters, such as insulin sensitivity factors, insulin-to-carbohydrate ratios, target blood glucose range and current blood glucose values thus facilitating the calculation of the required insulin dose and providing a better glycemic control.

Intended Use: The software is intended for the self-management of diabetes, facilitating the calculation of the bolus insulin dose and providing a better glycemic control.

Additional info:

SocialDiabetes helps you to control better your diabetes treatment with the convenience of carrying your logs directly on your smartphone. Register and combine logs and have your blood glucose under control.

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes care requires a lot of tracking. With SocialDiabetes, register all the relevant information to your treatment such as blood glucose levels, insulin, carbs, medicaments or physical activity.

SocialDiabetes uses The Health app from Apple to register and read data related to your diabetes and exercise: blood sugar levels, weight, steps...


- Award to most innovator product by E.U. in 2017.
- Recognized as the best health app by UNESCO - WSA.
- International Mobile Premier Awards winner at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


View your glycemic and insulin on board. Take a look at your diabetes progress and the factors that might affect your glycemic.

Combine the information, have a better comprehension of your diabetes. From New Log register:
•Heart Pressure

With a minimum of 3 blood glucose logs daily for 3 months, we will be able to calculate your estimated A1c.


It will help you with your daily diabetes calculations:

-Bolus calculator: with your insulin-to-carb ratio, insulin sensitivity factor, and glycemic targets. receive insulin dose recommendations.

-Carb Calculator: from the nutritional database, select each food and calculate the number of carbs that you are going to eat, by grams or rations.

-Food. Consult the number of carbs from different food and add new ones.

-Connect with your device. Your glycemic logs will go from automatically your Smartphone.
Check our compatible devices.

-Reports generation. On screen or download them.

-Connect with your health care provider (HCP). Your healthcare team can follow remotely your diabetes.

-Share information with your loved ones.

-View from your computer. Access to your account from our web-platform.


- SocialDiabetes is a CE sanitary product es un producto sanitario, Directive 93/42/EEC, meet all maximum requirements for security and quality.

- SocialDiabetes App is licensed by Menarini Diagnostics to use GlucoCard SM glucose measurements.


Glucose Meters:
• GlucoCard SM
• Accu-chek Aviva Connect, Accu-Chek Guidem Accu-Chek Instant
• Contour Next ONE
• CareSens Dual
• AgaMatrix Jazz
• GlucoRx Nexus Blue
• LineaD Oro24
• Glucomen Areo 2k

• GlucomenDay
• Dexcom

• Insulcheck / GlucomenDay PENCAP

• Omron x4 Smart
• Omron 9200T
• Beurer BM57


•Apple Watch


Have any problems or want to contact us?
Email us at [email protected]

Remember that to get better results we recommend you to follow up with your health care team.

SocialDiabetes is created by people with diabetes for people with diabetes. It helps you with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes management to have a lifestyle that improves your health.
SocialDiabetes, SL