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Snowden Lane Partners Mobile

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Snowden Lane Partners Mobile

MPORTANT INFORMATION FOR USERS - To use Snowden Lane Partners mobile, you must be a client with an account at a financial institution that provides its clients access to their account information via the NetXInvestor website. The financial institution also has to specifically activate the Snowden Lane Partners mobile application for its account holders. If you are unable to download the application or have any questions, please contact your broker or investment professional at your financial institution.

Stay Connected –

Snowden Lane Partners mobile provides you with an essential solution for managing your investments. Now you can stay connected while you’re on the go—wherever you use your Apple device. Snowden Lane Partners mobile lets you manage your financial portfolio in an efficient and user-friendly environment that leverages the look and feel of the website but that fits perfectly for the form factor of the tablet and phone.
Through Snowden Lane Partners mobile you have fully featured access to account information, such as balances, holdings, activity and order status. Anytime, anywhere—that is the power of mobility. That is the power of Snowden Lane Partners mobile.

With just a few clicks from your Apple device, you can access:

• Account balances and holdings
• Transaction history
• Order status
• Market information and quotes
• Your securities watch list
• Equity, Mutual fund order entry, Options trading (if enabled by your financial institution)
• Documents

Please note:

• Account access, trade execution and system response may be affected by a variety of factors, including trading volumes, market conditions, phone and computer networks.
• Fees, markups or commissions may be charged on trades. Please contact your financial institution for details.
• Investment products are not bank deposits, are not FDIC insured or insured by any federal government agency and may decrease in value. Please contact your financial institution for details
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