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SnipNotes Notebook & Clipboard

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SnipNotes Notebook & Clipboard

SnipNotes is your clever notebook on the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Capture new ideas with Siri, dictate your thoughts and create styled text notes with images. Quickly add content from other apps with Drag & Drop or save your clipboard automatically. Access your notes from anywhere with the versatile home screen widgets. Create reminders for your notes and protect them with a passcode or Touch ID / Face ID. Organize your notes with nested categories and a large collection of icons.

-- Create Notes Your Own Way --
• Create styled text notes with images and a variety of formatting options
• Dictate notes in the app, with Siri, and on your Apple Watch
• Save content from websites and other apps with Drag & Drop or the share sheet
• Capture the contents of your clipboard automatically in split-screen on iPad or when launching the app
• Save your current location at any time. For example, the parking lot of your car

-- Quick Access From Anywhere --
• Read, search and create notes on your Apple Watch
• A wide selection of widgets let you view and open your notes right from the home screen or lock screen
• Siri can open notes, read notes and show images to you
• Access your notes offline on all devices (including Apple Watch)

-- Note Actions Will Save You Time --
• Integrate SnipNotes with other apps using Shortcuts. You can create notes, append text, search notes, and more
• SnipNotes can automatically recognize the contents of your note and provide relevant information, e.g. show addresses on a map
• Each content type is linked to a set of useful actions: For example, you can create a calendar event from a date, navigate to an address with Apple Maps or Google Maps and open internet links in a browser of your choice
• Swipe left or right on a note to access these actions and more: Export a note into another app, copy it into your clipboard, pin the note to the top of your list and much more

-- Always Keep Track Of Your Notes --
• SnipNotes provides an inbox and an archive for your notes. You can also create multiple levels of your own categories for even better organization
• The flexible search feature will highlight all matching text. You can also search your notes right from the home screen and with Siri
• Select multiple notes and move them into another category, merge, export or delete them in one go
• Open multiple notes on iPad at the same time and use SnipNotes side-by-side with another app
• Create recurring reminders for your notes, which are synchronized between your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
• Protect your notes with a passcode and Touch ID / Face ID

-- SnipNotes Matches Your Taste --
• Notes can be customized with a variety of formatting options (checkboxes, lists, colors, headlines and much more)
• Design your notes with a huge, searchable collection of glyphs for easy recognition
• SnipNotes offers ten different color schemes and a dark mode
• Many parts of SnipNotes can be customized to suit your work style

SnipNotes is a note-taking app without subscriptions nor ads. You can use SnipNotes permanently for free. Advanced features like iCloud synchronization are available as a one-time purchase.

Notes are synchronized to your private iCloud account. SnipNotes protects your privacy and does not collect any analytics data.

You can find more information about SnipNotes on If you encounter any issues or have questions, please get in touch with me. I reply personally to every email ([email protected]). You can also reach me on Twitter (@SnipNotesApp).
Felix Lisczyk