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The Power of the SnipBack!

Introducing our exclusive patent pending SnipBack feature, which integrates DVR-like functionality within the record button. Just like with DVR’s, SnipBack allows you to go back in time to see what you’ve missed, and include that past video in your final clip!

How Does SnipBack Work?

Just like DVR’s, SnipBack is always recording in the background, but with one caveat, that it discards everything older than 60 seconds (note: this buffer user definable). In this way, every recording you make has extra “SnipBack” video footage to draw from, should you need it. The App then discards all this extra footage over time so that it doesn’t take up storage space, unless of course you specify that you want to keep it. This approach also enables our unique Swipe-to-SnipBack recording method, where you wait for an action to happen first, and then record into the past! For example, watching a soccer game and recording a goal after it already happened! Or watching a basketball game and capturing a great play that happened without any warning. With SnipBack, you just swipe the record button to the left and it automatically captures the past 5 seconds of video; users can then further add more video from the buffer if desired, as well as alter the default SnipBack setting (e.g. change from 5 seconds to 10 seconds).