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Snail's Pace

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Snail's Pace


Giant snails are coming for you! We bet you never thought to hear that sentence.

During the night, a mysterious hole appeared in the field outside, and now giant snails are crawling out of it. They’re coming at a snail’s pace, but as we said they’re giant snails. When you’re a giant, your pace is giant too. Hurry!

Luckily, you’ve got a lot of yarn. It pays to be a sheep. It’s the only perk really, other than the life of grazing all day and having no responsibilities.

Use balls of yarn to keep the snails back. Of course there might be less holiday sweaters this year, but let’s deal with that if you survive.

Use the Apple Watch’s digital crown to move the sheep around the hole and shoot balls of yarn at the sprinting snails. Good luck and may your Yarn never run out!

We did say hurry, right?
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