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Snail Sleep-Dreamtalk Recorder

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Snail Sleep-Dreamtalk Recorder

-Record dream talks and snores
-Analyze sleep status
-Give sleep analysis report
-ASMR sleep music will stop once you falls asleep
-Smart alarm clock wakes you up in the morning

Snail Sleep - An app that promotes good sleep, spends the night with you and helps you develop a good sleep habit. It records your sleep data and gives a report to help you learn more about your sleep. With this app, you no longer need a wristband to get to know your sleep! Integrated with the Apple Health platform, now the sleep data can be synchronized on this platform. This 4.0 version allows you to view the data on a comprehensive dashboard and synchronizes your sleep data to Apple Health if you like.

The smart alarm clock wakes you up at your light sleep. The soft, cheerful original ringtones will make it easy for you to get up. It helps you welcome a new day at your best.

If you find it difficult to fall asleep at night, Snail Sleep is here to play original sleep music that has been proven with sleep experiments. The sleep music can help you relax and bring you a good sleep.

This app will help you learn more about your sleep habits, record your sleep talks and snores to help you explore your sleep.
Sleep recording & monitoring
The sleep recognition algorithm has been tested with a large number of professional sleep laboratory tests, and compared with data obtained through professional ECG, EEG sleep monitoring equipment at deep sleep and light sleep conditions. The sleep algorithm has been optimized against all iPhone models. And the sleep data can be synchronized with the Apple Health Kit!

Snail Sleep
An app that companies you at night and helps you enjoy a good sleep and rise at your best.
【VIP Member Service】
Become a VIP member to enjoy amazing services:
1. An exclusive identity-the golden snail icon.
2. See those who have given you likes and make friends with them.
3. Reach those who have visited your personal homepage.
4. Get rid of ads.
5. Obtain your sleep data from additional perspectives.
6. Create your own challenge campaign.
7. Receive vouchers monthly for commodities carried by the store.
8. Get member-specific sleep aid audios.

The VIP member fee shall be paid through the iTunes account. The system will automatically renew the subscription 24 hours before it expires. You can close the renewal feature in the iTunes store's settings interface.

Membership Service & Renewal Instructions:
-1 month membership: $5.99
-3 months membership: $16.99
-12 months membership: $69.99

1. Subscription period: 1 month / 3 months / 12 months
2. Subscription price: $5.99 per month / $16.99 3 months / $69.99 12 months
3. Payment: The user confirms the purchase and the payment will be deducted from the iTunes account.
4. Cancel renewal: To cancel the renewal, please disable the automatic renewal feature in iTunes/Apple ID settings 24 hours before the subscription expires.
5. Renewal: The Apple's iTunes account will be deducted within 24 hours before expiration. After the payment, the subscription period will be extended by one month.
6. Snail Sleep Member Service Agreement:
7. Automatic renewal service agreement for Snail Sleep’s value-added service:
8. Snail Sleep Privacy Policy Terms:

Other instructions:
-Payment: The payment shall be made via user's iTunes account.
-Renewal: It will be automatically renewed unless the automatic renewal feature is disabled 24 hours before the subscription expires.
-Cancel Renewal: For the Apple phone, go to "Settings" > "iTunes Store & App Store", select "Apple ID", then click "View Apple ID" > "Subscribe" > “Unsubscribe”.
Snail Sleep Member Service Agreement:
Auto Renewal Service Agreement for Snail Sleep’s Value-added Service:
Snail Sleep Privacy Policy Terms:
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