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Smoking area information Map

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Smoking area information Map

You want to smoke cigarettes asap! But where should you go to smoke?
You are secured with this app.
It’ll find you the closest smoking place for you to go from wherever you are.

The concept is to share information between users:-D

[Smoking area map search and cigarette pin function]
■ It can check “smoking areas” where you can smoke cigarettes and gives you a route to get there from where you are.

■ Tap on the “cigarette pin” on the MAP to check the information of the smoking area.

■ Tap on the “location mark”, put your cursor on a new “smoking area” and tap on the ADD button to enter new information of the “smoking area” and create a new “cigarette pin”.

**Do not create a new “cigarette pin” mischievously, it’s disturbing the public peace.**

■ Tap on the “magnifier mark” to check more details about the smoking spot and search.

■ If the existing information of the “cigarette pin” is old, tap on the old “cigarette pin” to update it to the latest.

■ Commenting and camera functions are installed, make users reviews and upload photos of the atmosphere to report and share with other users of this app.

* Please don’t hesitate to create new “cigarette pin” to share the information!

Smoking on the street and walking while smoking can result in punishment.
Let’s share information with other smokers to have a good cigarette life.