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- To all smokers will dedicate this app.
The too much smoke for health Be careful.

- "Smokin'Counter" is an application to support the first step to non smoking.

- Start this application at the time of smoking, and then exit the app automatically by counting up the number of smoking when you swipe the bottom of the slide.
Also, by selecting the QUICK MODE, and terminates the application is automatically counted without swiping.

- Ver.2.0 or later, supports Apple Watch.

- The number of smoking in the home screen icon badge will display, when the date changes it is reset.
Icon badge to display the remaining number to smoking limit per day that has been set in advance, you can also select the countdown display.

- If you are using a terminal of iOS8 it also supports widget in the notification center.
You can do the easy smoking count from the notification center.

(IOS8 or more) Normally application is started by pressing the smoking (Now Smokin '!!) button of the widget, after performing the update of smoking count up and icon badge, the application will be terminated immediately.
When this setting is turned on, the app will not start, and run the count up only in the notification center. It will be the most rapid mode.
In this case the home screen icon badge will be hidden.

Home screen icon badge displays the countdown.

Quit the application automatically performs smoking count up after a certain time when you start the app.
If this setting is on, you must quickly tap the STOP button if you do not want to exit the application.

For your health, how much and whether they smoked cigarettes, whether the cost will depend how much, let's reduce the number even a little is to understand the data.
Hiroshi Kusumi