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Smoker Insight! -

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Smoker Insight! -

"Although I want to quit smoking, it can never stop."
"Although the necessity for prohibition of smoking not felt for the moment, it is out of condition somehow these days. Possibly this trouble is cause of tobacco ?"
If you can use SmokerInsight, a measure effective in such a trouble may be obtained.

Although an ideal worldly probably may be quitting smoking clearly, reality is very much severe, being attacked by sudden stressful environment, and smoking in spite of oneself, or recidivating further again.

Then, how is it that and what take an approach of "getting to know the habituation over smoking of one" rather than bears anything first of all?

It is very difficult to recognize the amount of smoking and an everyday little event to be very easy to be influenced, and to recognize to fine increase and decrease or a number by them.

When smoking 1 tobacco, these accumulation data is analyzed and rendered visible because SmokerInsight have a smoking record kept, and it was made to be able to reconfirm own habituation concretely in this application.

Example of use:
- Check how many time has passed since the last smoking to come to smoke tobacco before smoking.
- Check a daily summary everyday.
- Look down at smoking habit from graphs, such as a time zone in a day or day of the week more than which change of the degree of nicotine dependence and tobacco increase in number (part charged contents).

Appeal point:
IF is designed so that the burden of smoking record may reduce.
-> record work only tap the button once in principle.

A prior setup is minimum.
Prior setup, such as nicotine dependence degree oral consultation, is required, and SmokerInsight computes automatically the item which can be guessed from smoking record from recorded logs in your device.

These aimed at mitigation of the user troublesome process.

Values and variations that managed by SmokerInsight are calculated automatically and updated in real time.
For example :The average value of smoking interval time, categorization, etc.
(For this reason, depending on the character of a situation or variate, it may differ from the value at the time of a former check)

UI which does not have necessity operationally defined the part which a finger will generally on the screen operation eliminated as much as possible reach easily as the operation low cost domain, and considered the layout.

I considered that the difference of operativity did not come out by a rightee or leftee person's exception.

Road Maps (Indefinate):
- Chain smoked judging function
(since there is an item on R1.0.0 considered to overlap on a functional loading Ready function, inside [ it compares ] -- Depending on the market response after 1.0.0 releases, it releases by the following version)

- Smoking context recording functions, such as "a dose after a meal" etc. "irritated and inhaled" (if a simple recording method is found, it mounts immediately)

- Visualization of the degree of a tobacco smell
(Under evaluation, and mounting principle thought and experiment)

- The snapshot write-out function of records and graphs (unstarted)

- Cooperation between devices by Cloud
(Schedule corresponding to after for Apple watch development)

At the last:
SmokerInsight meant that I had not the tool for promotion of smoking but an own life rhythm managed / recognized more correctly, and it developed it.
Please smoke in the range which does not injure health in the case of use.

SmokerInsight uses iPhone's Sign-in User Informations for distinguishing users who purchased products or not.
When an advertising display is carried out in spite of item purchased, please check "Settings">"iTunes&AppStore">"AppleID" and registers your Apple ID on your iPhone.
Setsushi Minami